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Along side Terry’s long and successful carreer as the World Class Tribute to Meat Loaf, he has often worked with other superb tribute performers in their own right on multiple theme shows and festivals.

To capitalise of this fun and varied tribute style and content, and in recognition of the joint work written for and performed by the original artistes by the legendary Jim Steinmann, in 2017 Terry teamed up with a superb performance artiste with her stunning Tribute to Bonnie Tyler.

Together, Arianne Stoney-Cross and Terry Nash bring you ‘Heavn & Hell’

A tribute to Meat Loaf and Bonnie Tyler


This show can be of a simple 1 hour playback form for smaller venues, right through to a 100% full live band line up covering up to 2 hours of music from these two amazing original artistes.

For a more laid back and intimate 100% live experience, this show can also be performed ‘unplugged’ with associate producer of Meet Loaf unplugged, and MD of our Meet Loaf band shows, Mr Tim Wedlake.

Available for theatres, music venues of any size and outdoor festivals… Heavn & Hell will take you ‘Faster than the Speed of Night’ to a ‘Total Eclipse’ of your ‘Heart’ from any other show… Join us soon for a power-packed journey ‘Out of Hell’ where ‘Two outta Three ain’t Bad’ and you can experience ‘Paradise by the Dashboard’ nights.


Songs include

Bat out of Hell
You Took the Words
Heaven Can Wait
Two outta Three
Lost in France
Holding Out for a Hero
Faster than The Speed of Night
It’s a Heart Ache
All Coming Back to Me Now
I’d do Anything for Love (But I won’t do That)
Dead Ringer for Love
Have You Ever Seen the Rain
Total Eclipse of the Heart
and many, many more …..

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